Drive Test and Network Optimization

Convert any Android smartphone to benchmark 2G, 3G, 4G networks with drive routes and data points on the map with detailed information about measured mobile network parameters from an end-user perspective.
Drive test data measurement includes User KPIs for data, voice and VoLTE services along with network coverage with base station information with accurate location information.
Mass deployable to field test fleet, staff and to customers and reduce the risk of deploying a person to place.
Portable and can be downloaded from play store and supported the majority of the Android devices.
RantCell server supports 500+ devices with RantCell Pro and posts analysis capability with support for crowdsourcing.
Reduces costs on recurring purchases of RAN measurement terminals and field testing costs significantly.
Are you obsessed about customer experience? Retain your existing customer!!
Get a clear insight into anynetwork coverage area and identify the not-spots.
Now transform any Android phone into mobile network measurement tool at an affordable cost.
Get access to a web-based dashboard with the capability of highly interactive graphs, charts, and maps of the QoE test data analysis.
Capture accurate coordinates datapoints of the performed tests.
Easy extract of Coverage, QoE data Geo Locations and date/time queries. 

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RantCell - Video Stream Testing

Video stream testing using RantCell app wherein user experience is poor when dropped to 2G network, following parameters to be considered while measuring user experience on mobile network Video Load time - Anything greater than 10 secs more likely user will not watch the video.Video stalling events, anything greater than 3 stalled events in 5 mins video most likely user will discontinue watching the video.Any video lags or buffering occurring for more than 10 secs while playing video more likely user will discontinue watching.Very low-resolution video is bad user experience.

3G/4G RAN testing and Optimization

RantCell introduce you to our first online RantCell Cloud to benchmark user experience on 2G, 3G, 4G, CDMA and Wi-Fi Access Networks. This solution consists of RantCell Pro App which is supported on any Android device for measurements and RantCell web-based dashboard with a rich user interface for analyzing test results and identify network issues. Following are some of the use cases: Voice, data, SMS and video testing on mobile networks supported on any Android device.Significantly reduce field testing costs and dependency on high-end RF tools.Survey network coverage on 2G,3G, and 4G networks. Measure User experience KPIs on mobile networks for voice and dataCompare coverage and QoE performance between multiple operatorsDrive testing with the real deviceCell site service validationRemote monitoring of VIP sites with real-time alarm trigger for service degradation, faster than PM data.RAN Test automationActs as a load generator for Voice and Data traffic with multiple devices.VoLTE, CSF…